Lotto System

System For Winning The Lotto

Want to win more cash with the €2 you invest in the Euromillions twice weekly? Well today you will find out how to take more control over your Euromillions game. Next time you buy your ticket you will play a game of some skill, rather than just a blind shot in the dark.

If you firmly believe that the game is nothing but pure luck then stop reading now; this system of playing lotto needs a strong belief that when it comes to numbers games, luck is part skill. The tips you are about to read aren’t for everyone. If -like me- you’ve no patience with numbers/odds then playing with these tips will require some effort. Your hard work will bring rewards though, as putting some thought into picking your numbers is the only way to regularly win lotto cash.

Before we take a look at the core number picking tips we have to fully understand what prizes are available and the odds of winning each one. A table of this information can be found on our Euromillions Prize Breakdown page. Whether you win €4-€50 to cover your costs and make some small profit, or €100 to splurge on something fun, your odds of accessing the prize fund will increase with smart number picking.

Let’s be honest though, it’s not the thought of winning €100 euro or less that has us part with our €2, it’s the big money that has our attention. When it comes to winning the jackpot we lead nicely into our first tip:

Play regularly

It’s obviously true the more often you play, the better chance you have, however it is especially true with regards to smart number picking. Think about it, if you regularly play with random numbers you’ll more often have a chance with bad odds. If you play regularly with well chosen numbers, you will more often have a chance with better odds. Smart number picking will see you taking prize fund cash more often, until the day you pick all 7 winning numbers.

Odds and evens

The chances of every number in the draw being either odd or even is approximately 3%. Take this into consideration when you bet. Historical data shows 1071 odd numbers VS 1064 even numbers drawn, consider this also. The best way to smart pick numbers is to play a ratio of 2:3/3:2 for odd and even numbers.

Highs and lows

In Euromillions you pick between the numbers 1-50. Therefore low numbers are 1-25 and high 26-50. Funnily enough historically 1055 low numbers have been drawn VS 1035 high. Thus to play the best chance of matching drawn numbers a ratio of low and high numbers of 2:3, or even 3:2 is also best for number picking.

Play a balanced game

In over 70% of all Euromillions draws the sum of the 5 standard numbers drawn has totalled between 90 and 160. See where we’re going with this? Make sure to add the sum of the 5 numbers you’ve chosen and check it’s between 90 and 160. The closer you are to being in between these numbers the higher the odds you have. The drawn numbers having a total outside of 90 and 160 is unlikely.

‘Hot and cold’ numbers

Fairly easy tips to follow so far eh? However now things get a little trickier and will involved analysing the history of Euromillions numbers. For quickness you’ll find the last 10 results on our Euromillions Results page. Numbers that haven’t appeared in the past 6 games account for just under half of the winning numbers in the next draw. Numbers that have been out for the last 12 games account for about three-quarters of the winning numbers next draw.

Take control of your Euromillions game today

With these tips you will be far more involved in your lottery entry, and find yourself more often winning money. If you’re determined to be a real Euromillions winner stop looking to always luck out and score the jackpot, instead start thinking about all the other wins possible and how much profit your regular €2 stake brings you back.

With some small research into the numbers behind the game it becomes possible to pick which numbers are more likely to appear. If you regularly pick the most likely numbers to appear you will regularly match more numbers. If you match more numbers more often you are more likely to access some of the prize fund.